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Camping portal is a very important hub between caravanners and campgrounds. Camping portal find tourists at home and abroad a lot of information for planning their camping trip in Norway - complete inventories of campsites and retailers, suggestions and other camping-related news.

Do you want your campsite to be in the Camping Portal with a complete presentation?

All Norwegian campsites can be presented with text and pictures on If you would like to have such a presentation of your campsite, please contact us and we will arrange the rest!

Price per year: 1188, - (ex VAT, June-May)

Right now:

Can you integrate your Facebook Messenger right into the presentation on the Camping Portal. Orsand Camping is one of those who have already done this.

Difficult not true?

Of course, it is free to set up this for anyone who has a text and image presentation at the Camping Portal.

Do you want to set up a presentation?

We will help you build your presentation based on information found on their website / facebook page and any information we receive from you. Adjustments in the presentation you wish to make at a later date are of course also completely free of charge. Price per year: 1188, - (June - May, excluding VAT).

We welcome you at with a great camping presentation!

Set up a campsite presentation today and make sure that more will find its way to you!

Being presented on camping portal will of course not cost much. Our goal is that everyone - both large and small - campsites should be able to be part of this.

Do you want your campsite to be in the Camping Portal with a complete presentation?

Submit your order today and we'll put up a proposal based on photos and texts found on their website / Facebook page.

Price per year: 1188, - (ex VAT, June-May)


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