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From the production hall in Matrand. In the window Lars Aasmund Fjeld, which manages drawings, production and assembly at customers. Outside Jan Kåre Wilsberg who started Proff Camp in 2008. The company has a total of 6 employees.
Thermal tent from Matrand
NBCC - new on the market
Large window surfaces and simple design characterize the story cabins from Topp Camp in Drammen
10 years with Top Camp thermal tent
NBCC - new on the market
The living room is the top product has great flexibility in size and design, and the possibility of a gap hole where the entrance area is located
Isocamp thermotelt for 25 years
NBCC - new on the market
Max Fritid, together with Norway's largest importer of motorhomes and caravans, is Kroken Caravan in Åndalsnes, therefore by many referred to as "Norway's Caravan Capital".
Max Leisure: Bets on inflatable awnings
NBCC - new on the market
Large thermostats with aluminum plates and winter insulation for year-round use is a good alternative to a cottage
Camping Tents
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Crusader - but also no neighbors in Brittany, notes the author on an early camping trip with a telephenger.
The art of camping
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Elevated caravan with support legs placed on blocks for increased stability
Tips for setting up a caravan / motorhome
NBCC - Travelers reporter
There was no trip with a caravan this summer, but hiking in childhood mountain hills is also not despised
With caravan back to Spain
NBCC - new on the market
The four-legged should also be on tour
Dog liner for dogs
NBCC - new on the market
A motorhome parked in a public car park may not necessarily be safe. With electronic search equipment, someone could intercept signals from wireless keys and make a copy, both the doorway and into the immobilizer.
New Tracking Technology: STOPPER thieves
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Camping Forum: On tour
NBCC - Travelers reporter
Much snow on Sognefjellet in late May.
Norway Around: First summer in motorhome
NBCC - new on the market
Awnings with air elements instead of metal rods are presented for the first time in Norway at Caravan Fair in Lillestrøm
Tents New: Air replaces aluminum
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Can I pull camper?
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