• A fire at a camping site can have dramatic consequences if the distance between the camping units is too small. Photo: Thor Kr. Adolfsen, the Norwegian Fire Protection Association
    A fire at a camping site can have dramatic consequences if the distance between the camping units is too small. Photo: Thor Kr. Adolfsen, the Norwegian Fire Protection Association
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By: Jørgen Snoen, Head of Department at NBCC
Caravan and Caravan magazine, No. 1 February 2019

Norwegian Motorhome and Caravan Club: For your safety at camping

Surprisingly, some cases can easily be passed through in political or other public administration. While other times, it takes awfully long time, and an enormous effort and stay need to be made to reach a good end result. Such a case applies to safety distances at campgrounds to ensure life, health and values ​​if fire occurs. One thing the Norwegian Motorhome and Caravan Club thought was going to be pure plank driving at a time when security was put on the political agenda in many areas. As in so many other cases, NBCC has in this case also stood alone for better camping safety. The head of the NBCC, Jørgen Snoen, has been the one who has run the case with the authorities, and he tells here about the experiences of the years that have passed.

8. February 2013 started the NBCC work to create a regulatory framework for increased safety at the campsites by establishing standardized rules for distance between the camping units. This special case of distance at campsites where isolated awnings (also called nail tent) has also been written about earlier in the Motorhome and Caravan Magazine.

Good dialogue

NBCC has been in constant contact with professionals in the directorates involved. NBCC has a good dialogue with those who participated in the working group that NBCC had set up during the summer of 2015, after having received a breakthrough in the Ministry. The group worked well together, and delivered a thorough final document, which then went on to political processing. Political treatment has probably been influenced by changes every time there have been changes among state secretaries and ministers. Something that has proven to be a not insignificant brake on the time development of this case, because the case has remained untreated

NBCC proposal

New dates for finalization, consultation and announcement have been made constantly along the way. Finally, in the spring of 2018, after a new reminder from NBCC, a letter from the Ministry of Local Government and Modernization stated that the proposal that NBCC has been an advocate for had received political consideration on the Storting. In the letter of 22. June 2018 from the Ministry stated that the case was due to general hearing in the autumn of 2018, and with the entry into force of 2019. But then it became quiet.


NBCC has been waiting for how the consultation letter would look and how the result after the hearing would be. This consultation letter should come in the autumn of 2018, then this time was moved to just before Christmas 2018. Now the calendar says 2019 without the consultation letter coming. The cause turns out to be that there is a case between the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Local Government about how the hearing text should sound. The standardized safety regulations for Norwegian campgrounds thus still collect dust in the Ministry.

Camping safety

NBCC, all camping guests with isolated awnings, campsite owners and the municipalities that are supervised at the campsites, are still waiting for excitement. Everyone hopes that we will soon see the consultation letter, and that means that one can get a sensible and safe set of rules to deal with.

NBCC has been working on this matter for almost six years, and we still believe that there can be a national regulatory framework especially for important safety issues at the campsites.

NBCC for everyone

The case shows once again how important it is for campers to have an organization in the back who is willing to fight hard, and over a long time if necessary. And not least a strong organization that can front things that individuals on their own have trouble getting through to. NBCC was founded in 1960, and has for all years worked to make camping life as good as possible for all campers regardless of whether they have tents, caravans or motor homes.

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