• All-electric Iridium from WOF has a bodywork from Maurer. Photo: Press release.
    All-electric Iridium from WOF has a bodywork from Maurer. Photo: Press release.
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Text: Knut Randem, Bobilverden.no
Caravan and Caravan magazine, No. 1 February 2019

Electric motorhome ready for launch

At the tourism fair CMT in Stuttgart in January, it was the world premiere of an all-electric motorhome - Iridium. This is not a development study, but a model ready for ordering at the trade fair. It tells Christian Klaiber. He is the leader of an initiative that can be translated into "future mobility" in Norwegian.

- “Iridium is an important step towards a sustainable and future-oriented travel and camping experience. Iridium is the first electrically powered motorhome, ”- he claims in a press release. The concept for Iridium E-mobile originates in Swabia, the area around Stuttgart, and the company WOF Wohnmobil Outlet Factory. WOF also sells the motorhome brands Bela, Mooveo and Bavaria. The bodywork is manufactured by Swiss Maurer Fahrzeugbau AG, which is known for its exclusive motorhomes under its own name. The press release states that the self-developed battery system is recharged by braking. Otherwise, technical information is scarce in the sent press release.

200 km

On questions from Bobilverden.no, press officer Ludwig-Michael Cremer replies that Iridium in the basic version is built to run a minimum of 200 km without external charge. If the customer wants an extended battery bank at the expense of the load capacity, they will also be able to deliver it. Thus, at least theoretically, the mileage can be increased beyond the 200 kilometers.

The batteries in Iridium can be charged externally from ordinary sockets (22kW / h) or fast chargers up to 50 kW / h, Cremer says. We visit the CMT trade show and will come back with more details about Iridium if we see that this is an interesting step towards the technology of the future.

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