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Camping Facts


Opening hours

summer Open
01.05 - 01.10
  • Drop-in motorhome / caravan: Summer only
  • Rental cottage: Summer only
  • Rental apartments / rooms only summer


Map Coordinates: 61.169964, 5.355360


+47 97 96 81 31
Alternatively number:
+47 48 17 11 22
6953 Leirvik in Sogn


© Birkeland Camping
© Birkeland Camping
© Birkeland Camping
© Birkeland Camping
© Birkeland Camping
© Birkeland Camping
© Birkeland Camping
© Birkeland Camping
© Birkeland Camping
© Birkeland Camping
© Birkeland Camping
© Birkeland Camping
© Birkeland Camping
© Birkeland Camping
© Birkeland Camping
© Birkeland Camping
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Birkeland Camping

Enjoy a cup of coffee while the morning sun warms up a camping body for a new day ... Sounds like the start of a lovely holiday memory, right? Such a holiday memory can you get if you go to Birkeland Camping in Leirvik :) Drøye 2 hours from Bergen, you can enjoy the tranquility and enjoy beautiful Western countryside. A few hours in the canoe on tin water might give you a great deal! If you do not know what it is, then we recommend that you read on this great campsite;)

Enjoy roa and still Heita the great Axis lake, while you lie down in his chair and looks up at the majestic Lifjellet!

Do you enjoy hikes? Mountain Trimgruppa municipality has marked 17 hikes, several of they can visit from the camping, among other things, the most visited mountain record Rossvikheia as opposition 301 m Time from the camping trip / return 1 1 / 2 hour, on top is the set up Geologist board - here you can read about Hyllestad its exciting geology.

Do you like long mountain walks, is Lifjellet a popular hike. Someone of tourists that reach the campsite, core gets to take this trip. After a long hike, tired and worn out, we can recommend dinner at Sognefjord Hotel as opposition 5 km from the camping ground.

Want to go fishing? We have a boat at sea which can be rented, or you can use boats and canoes that lie on camping. You may be lucky to get great cooling (Aure)

Eg heiter Mona and operation camping, medhjelparane memory heiter Kenneth and Geir.

Want to join us on a trip? Click to read more


Birkeland Camping lasted launched in 1968 of Gunvor (Gulli) and Bjarne Hansen. Dei took place from the neighbor who does not wanted to drive anymore. The campsite lasted EiT fine grants for farm husbandry at that time there were at least milk. First built dei sanitary building and two cabins. Their first years was the most tent touristed from Norway and the others Nordic countries. After Quartz came Kombi Campen and people could sleepe above ground level. It lasted status with Combi Camp. Throughout the eighties increased etterspurnaden for cabins, and they built a cabin to. Today core tourists from total Europe with both mobile homes and on the bike. Cyclists should northward, the road to Trondheim or vidare to Nordkapp. Dei is nøgde only they get themselves ein hot shower and a bed. Fishing in lakes and seas have always been popular activities. Tourists set greatly appreciate the fine nature, rowing on the lake, mountain hikes and scaffold. Those who are interested in rock climbing can frolic in the mountain at the waterfall in Leirvik. Several core eighteenth year after year and have wart great veins of the whole family.


We have five cabins with simple standard, 4 bunks, cool cupboard and shower and toilet in sanitary building next door. Rowing boat and canoe are included. If you are interessert you can hire a boat in Hyllestad fjord. Do you need bed cloth you can rent. The distance to the nearest shop is five kilometers. From Bergen you can take the express (2,5 hours) or Head (2,5 hours).

Welcome to Birkeland Camping!

key information

  • Motorhome parking space
  • Caravan stand
  • tent Place
Booking of cottage / apartment / room is possible
  • Wash basin with warm water
  • cooking facilities
  • Oven
  • Microwave
  • Playground
  • bathing spot
  • Bicycle
  • Hiking trails
  • Suitable for fishing
  • Rental of boats
  • Suitable for paddling


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