Campsites - Viken

Campsites - Viken

Here you will find all campsites we have registered and located in Viken county (formerly Buskerud, Akershus and Østfold). Some of these have great text and image presentations. You will find these campsites at the top. A little further down you will find all the others, all in both map and alphabetical list.

If you run a campsite and want more information on how to set up a text and photo presentation of your place on the Camping Portal, Find more information about this here.

Do you see something that does not match? Feel free to send us a message!

Other campsites - Viken

1765 Halden
1634 Gamle Fredrikstad
3560 Hemsedal
3027 Drammen
3560 Hemsedal
3359 Eggedal
1630 Gamle Fredrikstad
3350 Prestfoss
3300 Hokksund
1684 Vesterøy
1747 Skjeberg
1798 Aremark
3535 Krøderen
1560 Larkollen
1626 Manstad
3614 Kongsberg
3370 Vikersund
3531 Krokkleiva
3540 Nesbyen
3530 Røyse
1860 Trøgstad
1580 Råde
3478 Nærsnes
3524 Nes i Ådal
2092 Minnesund
1680 Skjærhalden
3632 Uvdal
3536 Noresund
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  • Norway's campsites
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